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    March 10, 2021 by IJV

    In response to Israel’s ‘Nation State Law’ of 2018, widely regarded as formalising the supremacy of Jews over the country’s non-Jewish citizens, Avraham Burg has petitioned through the Israeli courts to have his official designation as a Jew revoked. Burg’s arguments sharply highlight the contradictions between Israel’s discriminatory practices towards Palestinians and its international presentation as an outpost of liberal democracy.
    This panel discussion, hosted by Independent Jewish Voices, will explore these issues, asking how the contestation of Jewish identity in Israel might resonate in Europe and North America, and how these arguments might productively strengthen campaigns in support of Palestinian dignity and rights.

  2. The Seventy Year Nakba

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    May 18, 2018 by IJV

    By Barnaby Raine   Never again can anyone ask, “but where is the Palestinian Gandhi?” That, one might think, is …
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  3. Resistance as Survival: Recalling May 15th, 1948.

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    May 17, 2018 by IJV

    By Lynne Segal Write something on the 70th anniversary of the state of Israel and the Nakba I was asked. It …
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  4. Joint statement on Tory links to antisemitism in European politics

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    April 18, 2018 by IJV

    As the House of Commons holds a debate on antisemitism called by the Conservative Party, we are calling on the …
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  5. Independent Jewish Voices: 100 Years After Balfour

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    October 9, 2017 by IJV

    On 2 November 1917, a letter from the Foreign Secretary Arthur Balfour was transmitted to the Zionist Federation, promising British …
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  6. Audio of #ERFA2015 now available


    March 22, 2015 by IJV

    IJV would like to thank all our participants for contributing to a frank and profoundly radical discussion on how to …
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  7. Resisting Despair

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    February 20, 2015 by IJV

    Despair, surely, is what Israeli policy has been resolutely instilling in Palestinians from the beginning. It is pointless to resist! Abandon any dreams of justice and sovereignty. This is why, for many Palestinians, resistance is simply about surviving. It is what Eyad himself emphasized, observing ‘the long path of humiliation and despair’ that lies behind the creation of a so-called ‘terrorist’: ‘the struggle of many Palestinians is how not to become suicide bombers’, he wrote thirteen years ago. [3] He tirelessly sought to prevent such destructive martyrdom, standing implacably against all forms of violence, whether from Palestinians or the infinitely deadlier modes of Israeli state violence: that ‘eye for eyelash’, as Schlaim put it. Eyad liked to insist that the Israelis and Palestinians needed each other: ‘for only the Palestinians can release Israel from its moral guilt, from all that has gone wrong since those first Zionist dreams to the nightmare of living in a country permanently at war with its neighbours; while only the Israelis can negotiate a just peace with Palestine, allowing them control over their own affairs and thereby laying the basis for security, freedom and dignity for both sides’.[4]

  8. Dr Barghouthi on the Future for Palestine

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    October 17, 2013 by IJV

    Last Sunday Independent Jewish Voices welcomed Dr Mustafa Barghouthi to discuss the situation 20 years after Oslo. With devastating clarity …
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  9. Don’t mention the Nakba: Yoni returns to Israel Part 2

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    May 25, 2011 by IJV

    Over the last week Israel had to face the Palestinian Nakba Day. Fixed on May 15, chosen as the day …
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  10. In Memory of the Nakba

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    May 15, 2011 by happyhenry

    Israel declared its independence on 14th May 1948. While Israelis celebrate this on Yom Ha’atzmaut,  we should also remember as …
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