Dr Barghouthi on the Future for Palestine

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October 17, 2013 by IJV

Last Sunday Independent Jewish Voices welcomed Dr Mustafa Barghouthi to discuss the situation 20 years after Oslo. With devastating clarity Dr Barghouthi spoke of the deep fragmentation affecting Palestinian society. This multi-layered assault ranging from the physical to economic and psychological has now been ongoing for over half a century. But the settlements continue to grow while the area available for Palestinians to live on gets smaller and their basic freedoms are curtailed, their rights trampled on. The visual display of supporting evidence, including maps, statistics and video footage (sadly not yet available on the website) was immensely powerful and, at times, shocking, even for an audience already familiar with the plight of Arabs living in the West Bank and Gaza, and indeed within Israel’s officially recognised borders. Yet even in the face of such desolation Dr Barghouthi’s message was also one of hope. He called on all who care about securing an equitable,  democratic and peaceful future for Palestinians – and for Israel – to take action. Thanks to international support and organisations worldwide there is no shortage of campaigns to help Palestinians achieve this goal and overcome the injustice in accordance with human rights and international law. But more needs to be done to redress the balance. Mustafa himself is the embodiment of resilience and resistance and his strength of spirit is an inspiration to us all. His words have had a galvanizing effect which we invite you to discover for yourself with this recording of Dr Barghouthi’s lecture.


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