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2 thoughts on “Updates & Discussion

  1. Barbara says:

    I am concerned about allegations of Labour Party anti-Semitism. What Naz Shah said relates to a common perception that the US is maintaining Israel in the Middle East. Like many others I believe Israel has every right to remain in the land of its heritage, but I think what she posted was political, not anti-Semitic. You could draw a similar map for the Falklands, Gibraltar, Puerto Rico, etc.
    As for Ken Livingstone, I have no idea whether Hitler ever supported Zionism, but it would have made perfect sense if he had, because it would have a way to persuade more Jews to leave Germany. In this case it seems to me that we are talking about history, correct or incorrect — not about Ken being anti-Semitic.

    Just to make it clear, I am of Jewish heritage, and I have no intention of defending allegations against us of greed, long noses, economic control of the world, and so on!!

    • Mark says:

      Some Jewish lives were saved by negotiations with the Nazi regime of terror. The Kindertransport that brought children to the UK were kindertransport because Britain didn’t want their parents. The attempt to associate Zionism with Nazism, by saying Hitler was a Zionist is a way to shift a burden of guilt – Jews are Nazis. Similarly to say that Hitler had Jewish ancestry.


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