Articles Published by IJV Steering Group Members

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Please find links below to articles published by IJV Steering Group member:

Aftershock: Israel’s Ordinary Soldiers by Jacqueline Rose 12/5/10

A new model of Jewish pluralism by Antony Lerman, 2/5/10

Im Tirtzu: delegitimising the ‘delegitimisers’ by Antony Lerman, 22/4/10

Keep racism out of the election by Antony Lerman, 21/4/10

Who deserves human rights by Francesca Klug, 25/3/10

Israel’s NGOs must operate freely by Antony Lerman, 26/2/10

Bombing Iran won’t work – this might by Tony Klug, 11/1/10

Israel’s doctors must allay torture fears by Antony Lerman, 22/12/09

What is Judaism? by Brian Klug, 13/10/09


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