Coverage of IJV Launch

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The launch of Independent Jewish Voices attracted widespread interest in the media and on the web.

Read the original online debate: Guardian Comment is Free: All Articles around IJV


Richard Littlejohn: The War on Britain’s Jews (9/7/07, Channel 4)
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Democracy Now (US), 9/2/07: Watch Video Read Transcript:

Newsnight: 5/2/07: Rabbi David Goldberg & Melanie Phillips: Watch on YouTube

Kulterzeit (Germany): Interview with Donald Sassoon


New Statesman, 23/8/2007: Israel: an important marker has been passed

Jewish Chronicle, 28/9/2007: You’re IJV? Then I’m out

Observer: 1/7/07: Blair must make up for failure in Palestine by Andrew Phillips (at end)

Jewish Chronicle: 6/4/07: Why Jonathan Freedland is Wrong by Melanie Phillips

Jewish Chronicle, 30/3/07: The danger of Melanie Phillips by Jonathan Freedland

Guardian CiF, 9/3/07: Voices from Australia

Rosbat (Russia), 25/2/07: Евреи против Израиля

Winnipeg Free Press, 24/2/07: Criticising Israel is not an act of bigotry

New Statesman, 26/2/07: Looking for truth among the lies

Jerusalem Post, 20/2/07: The pursuit of happiness

Australian Jewish News, 15/2/07: The Jewish people. We are one and we are many

The Hindu (india), 13/2/07: British Jews take on Israeli lobby

Times, 13/2/07: Its unfair: my argument should be as loud as yours

Independent, 12/2/07: Yasmin Alibhai-Brown: Muslims can learn from this new Jewish group

Observer, 11/2/07: The new Jewish question

Independent, 10/2/07: Howard Jacobson: Independent Jewish Voiceds can carry on talking to themselves

Jewish Chronicle, 9/2/07: The Rebellion Goes Global

Jewish Chronicle, 9/2/07: Voices Against the Occupation 

Jewish Chronicle, 9/2/07: Jews’ view on Israel: the debate

(Also leader, plus 2 more pages, available by subscription: )

Times Online, 9/2/07: Independent but not very Jewish by David Aaronovitch (from the Jewish Chronicle)

Ha’aretz (Israel), 9/2/07: The anti-Israel lobby

Jerusalem Post (Israel), 8/2/07: Jewish Identity and UK Jewry (“This manifesto represents the true victory of zionism”)

Ha’aretz (Israel), 7/2/07: British Jewish group strikes back at new left-wing group

Sydney Morning Herald (Australia), 6/2/07: Denounced but Jewish dissent grows

The Age (Australia), 6/2/07: British Jews call for Israel debate

Totally Jewish, 6/2/07: Israel Critics Form GroupBlogs

Jerusalem Post, 5/2/07: UK Jews push for ‘different voice’

Guardian, 5/2/07: Prominent Jews call for open debate on Israel

Independent, 5/2/07: British Jews break away from ‘pro-Israeli’ Board of Deputies

Daily Telegraph, 5/2/07: British group rejects uncritical support of Israel

Observer, 4/2/07: Furore over Jewish critics’ challenge to state of Israel


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