A Time to Speak Out

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A Time to Speak Out: Independent Jewish Voices on Israel, Zionism and Jewish Identity

Published by Verso Books, September 2008

Edited by Anne KarpfBrian KlugJacqueline Rose, and Barbara Rosenbaum

From the publisher:

Jewish voices challenge the terms of the Israel/Palestine debate.

In A Time to Speak Out, a collection of strong Jewish voices come together to explore some of the most challenging issues facing diaspora Jews. With articles on such topics as international law, the Holocaust, varieties of Zionism, self-hatred, the multiplicity of Jewish identities, and human rights, these essays provide powerful evidence of the vitality of independent Jewish opinion as well as demonstrating that criticism of Israel has a crucial role to play in the continuing history of a Jewish concern for social justice. At once sober and radical, A Time To Speak Out reclaims an often intemperate debate for those both inside and outside Israel who prefer to confront uncomfortable truths.

Nearly all contributors were associated with the Independent Jewish Voices declaration which, when launched in Britain in 2007, opened a floodgate of responses. Independent Jewish Voices is a group of Jews in Britain from diverse backgrounds, occupations and affiliations who have in common a strong commitment to social justice and universal human rights.

With contributions by Julia Bard, Geoffrey Bindman, Emma Clyne, Stan Cohen, Howard Cooper, D. D. Guttenplan, Abe Hayeem, Anthony Isaacs, Gabriel Josipovici, Francesca Klug, Tony Klug, Richard Kuper, Michael Kustow, Antony Lerman, Antony Loewenstein, Mike Marqusee, Jeremy Montagu, Anthony Rudolf, Donald Sassoon, Lynne Segal, Richard Silverstein, Gillian Slovo, Eyal Weizman, and Sami Zubaida


“Fascinating and controversial…These essays deserve to be read carefully and debated courteously.”
Michael Pinto-Duschinsky, The Jewish Chronicle (19/9/08)

“Many of the essays demonstrate a meaningful intellectual engagement with issues of Jewish identity, which goes beyond the politics of Israel-Palestine.”
Bernard Gowers, Jewish Quarterly (Winter 2008, Number 212)

“There is, despite the the consistent reiteration of Israel’s well-documented transgressions against the Palestinians, an uncharacteristic air of fairness to the volume, one which attests to the impact the original pieces published by IJV members in Comment is Free first had. It does not provide excuses, so much as it rightfully renders what a complex picture diaspora Jewry’s relationship with Israel actually is. Though the authors are critical and espouse unambiguous positions, for the most part they present their arguments in such a way as to transcend the tiresome didactics and cliched moralisms typical of much progressive writing on Israel. If what the editors wanted was to help promote real dialogue within the Jewish community and reach out to the unconverted, this will undoubtedly help facilitate it.” 
Joel Schalit, Comment is Free, The Guardian (18/11/08)

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