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  1. Resisting Despair

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    February 20, 2015 by IJV

    Despair, surely, is what Israeli policy has been resolutely instilling in Palestinians from the beginning. It is pointless to resist! Abandon any dreams of justice and sovereignty. This is why, for many Palestinians, resistance is simply about surviving. It is what Eyad himself emphasized, observing ‘the long path of humiliation and despair’ that lies behind the creation of a so-called ‘terrorist’: ‘the struggle of many Palestinians is how not to become suicide bombers’, he wrote thirteen years ago. [3] He tirelessly sought to prevent such destructive martyrdom, standing implacably against all forms of violence, whether from Palestinians or the infinitely deadlier modes of Israeli state violence: that ‘eye for eyelash’, as Schlaim put it. Eyad liked to insist that the Israelis and Palestinians needed each other: ‘for only the Palestinians can release Israel from its moral guilt, from all that has gone wrong since those first Zionist dreams to the nightmare of living in a country permanently at war with its neighbours; while only the Israelis can negotiate a just peace with Palestine, allowing them control over their own affairs and thereby laying the basis for security, freedom and dignity for both sides’.[4]

  2. Joint statement by Judith butler and Rashid Khalidi condemns censorship of Israel critics in US


    March 5, 2014 by IJV

    In the wake of Judith Butler’s withdrawal from her planned talk on Kafka at the New York Jewish Museum and …
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  3. Former Shin Bet Director on the Impact of Occupation

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    November 4, 2013 by IJV

    The Middle East – Behind Closed Doors Ami Ayalon in conversation with Anshel Pfeffer from Haaretz Wednesday 6 November, 8pm …
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  4. Young American Jews Speak Out

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    March 5, 2012 by IJV

    Liza Behrendt, a 22-year-old American Jewish Activist from Young Jewish and Proud (the youth wing of Jewish Voice for Peace), stood up …
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  5. Palestine and The Uprisings

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    March 2, 2012 by IJV

    SOAS Palestine Society 8th Annual Conference PALESTINE AND THE UPRISINGS Organised by Hosted by London Middle East Institute and the Centre …
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  6. Dr David Wesley Discusses New Book: State Practices & Zionist Images


    February 18, 2012 by IJV

    JfJfP presents Jews and Palestinians in Israel: Separate or Together? Thursday, 23 February, 7.00-9.30pm The Indian YMCA, 41 Fitzroy Square, …
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  7. Can Israel’s mass social protest embrace the end of occupation as a key demand?

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    September 4, 2011 by Antony Lerman

    If you will, harden your heart against the sight of hundreds of thousands of Israelis protesting against rampant inequality and demanding a decent society. There’s reason enough to do so: what about all the non-citizens between the Mediterranean and the Jordan river over which Israel exerts control?

  8. IJV panel on the Arab uprisings and the Israel-Palestine conflict

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    July 19, 2011 by Antony Lerman

    Chaired by Professor Jacqueline Rose (Queen Mary, University of London), the IJV panel event discussing the impact of the Arab Spring …
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  9. The anti-boycott law crosses a line: will Israel’s true friends now wake up?

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    July 13, 2011 by Antony Lerman

    Only a few days ago I was talking about the issue of boycotting Israel with Jewish friends at a party. …
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  10. Black propaganda and violent rhetoric: Israel shoots itself in the foot over the Gaza flotilla

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    June 28, 2011 by Antony Lerman

    Some first rate bloggers and journalists are covering the Gaza flotilla and revealing the lengths to which the Israeli authorities …
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