Dr David Wesley Discusses New Book: State Practices & Zionist Images


February 18, 2012 by IJV

JfJfP presents

Jews and Palestinians in Israel: Separate or Together?

Thursday, 23 February, 7.00-9.30pm
The Indian YMCA, 41 Fitzroy Square, W1T 6AQ
Tubes: Warren Street & Great Portland Street

Dr David Wesley will discuss his book State Practices and Zionist Images: Shaping Economic Development in Arab Towns in Israel and the professional and personal aftermath of its publication.

David went to Israel from the USA in 1956 as a member of a Zionist youth movement and became a member of Gesher Haziv kibbutz, located near the site and on the lands of the destroyed Palestinian village, AzZib. After 30 years or so in the kibbutz David moved to Jaffa and started a new career as an anthropologist at the University of Tel Aviv. This culminated in a doctoral thesis on the topic of the systematic discrimination within the regional planning system around Nazareth and elsewhere in Galilee in favour of the Jewish population and against the Palestinian population. He shows how Israeli state practices divide one part of the citizenry from the other.

In consequence of his research and his life experience, David reflects on the contexts and conditions that would enable Israel to become a country in which all its citizens, irrespective of ethnic and/or religious affiliations, live together as equals.

Dr David Wesley is also speaking:

Sunday, Feb 19 – Jewish Book Week – 3.30pm

Tuesday, Feb 21 – University of Kent – 4.15-6.00pm
Michael Fischer, Dept. of Anthropology

Tuesday, Feb 28 – University of Birmingham – 2.00-4.00pm
Haifaa Jawad, Centre for Islamic and Middle Eastern Studies.

3 thoughts on “Dr David Wesley Discusses New Book: State Practices & Zionist Images

  1. I’m a member of IJV-Canada and representing them on the Global March to Jerusalem. wondering whether IJV-UK folks are participating. You can reach me through my blog at .
    All the best,
    Maxine in Canada


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