IJV Statement on the Israeli Bombardment of Gaza and Civil Unrest in Israel

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May 19, 2021 by IJV

Independent Jewish Voices deeply regrets the loss of life on all sides in Israel / Palestine. We call for an urgent halt to the current violence, and particularly to the bombardment of Gaza by the IDF. 

Israel’s recent ‘Nation-State Law’ and the rise of far-right Jewish political parties have intensified the sense of social exclusion and second-class status of Palestinian citizens of Israel. The heavy destruction and loss of life in Gaza, meanwhile, compounds an already calamitous humanitarian situation there. Israel’s bombardment will increase the pervasive sense of hopelessness and rage among Gazan youth in particular. This can only perpetuate the long-standing cycle of violence. It is essential that voices in Britain and around the world speak out clearly and powerfully against the current situation. We should all voice concern over inequalities and extremism in Israel as we would over similar issues in other democratic societies. We must also demand an urgent end to the humanitarian crisis in Gaza.

London, 18 May 2021


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