IJV response to the Jewish Chronicle on Jeremy Corbyn


July 19, 2018 by IJV

We note with dismay and outrage the front-page headline in today’s Jewish Chronicle, which uncritically quotes Labour MP Margaret Hodge’s description of Jeremy Corbyn as ‘antisemitic and a racist’. This is a deeply offensive and very likely libellous statement. It is extraordinary that these accusations are being hurled at a time when, contrary to much public reporting, the Labour Party is in fact engaging very carefully and sensitively with the issue of antisemitism, on which it has accepted the core IHRA definition.

This inflammatory and insulting rhetoric, seemingly supported by many leading Anglo-Jewish institutions and voices, risks bringing our community as a whole into disrepute, and consequently fuelling real antisemitism. We strongly urge all Jews in Britain, whatever their political allegiances and views, to join us in repudiating the misuse of this very serious allegation, which imperils the norms of reasonable and civil discourse that we must all uphold.

One thought on “IJV response to the Jewish Chronicle on Jeremy Corbyn

  1. […] represent Jewish opinion in Canada. In fact, there are more than 40 Jewish groups in Canada and the UK who support Corbyn as an anti-racist and a friend of the Jewish people as well as of the oppressed […]


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