Stop the Murders in Gaza

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April 6, 2018 by IJV

         Independent Jewish Voices is horrified by the killing today (Friday 6 April) by Israeli military forces of at least three Palestinian demonstrators, and the injury of several hundred, including many children. This follows the killing of 18 Palestinians last Friday, along with similarly shocking numbers of injuries. On both days tens of thousands of Palestinians were engaging in peaceful civil protests, linking key Palestinian anniversaries of dispossession, discrimination, exile and death over the past 70 years to current demands for freedom, justice, livelihood and equality.
         We are appalled that the self-appointed leaders of the Jewish community in Britain, the Board of Deputies, have framed these murders as a simple outcome of Palestinian militants using women and children as human shields. This justification is a commonplace from apologists for brutal regimes.
        We call on the British government to unequivocally condemn Israel’s continued blatant and horrific violation of the human rights of Palestinians, and particularly the unlawful firing of live ammunition at unarmed protestors.
        As the week of Passover draws to a close, during which Jews across the world have been reflecting on liberation from all forms of oppression, we call on members of our community to join the growing international movement in solidarity with the Palestinian people.


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