Blak Alcott on the Equal Rights for All Conference


March 27, 2015 by IJV

Blake Alcott is the Director of ODS in Palestine and a long-standing defender of Palestinian rights. A vocal participant, he cast a critical eye over the proceedings of the two-day conference and has shared his thoughts (and frustrations) with us in his report on our “cutting-edge” event.

It would be even sadder than reality if the path of equal rights were really new. But it’s not: the BDS movement explicitly took this path about ten years ago, as did the One Democratic State (ODS) movement, which carries on in the hundred-year tradition of the indigenous Palestinians whose alternative to the British Mandate was this simple and unastounding principle.

Read Blake’s full review here.
Full audio of the Conference is available here.

One thought on “Blak Alcott on the Equal Rights for All Conference

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