Launch: Philosemitism in History

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May 16, 2011 by IJV

Philosemitism in History: A Round-Table Seminar and Book Launch

Tuesday  17th May

Department of History, King’s College London

Eighth floor open space, Strand Building

5pm: seminar and discussion

6pm: launch party, with wine, for Philosemitism in History, ed. Jonathan Karp and Adam Sutcliffe (Cambridge University Press, April 2011)

Although a vast literature exists on the history of antisemitism, far less attention has been given to the historical significance of positive attitudes and idealizations associated with Jews and Judaism. Philosemitism in History seeks to redress this neglect, by surveying the phenomenon of philosemitism from antiquity to the present day. The volume includes fourteen essays, by historians, anthropologists, literary scholars and scholars of religion, covering various facets of medieval and early modern philosemitism as well as modern and contemporary topics such as philosemitism among African American intellectuals and Christian Zionists, on German television, and on the tourist trail in contemporary East-Central Europe. The book underscores both the endurance and the malleability of philosemitism, drawing attention to this important, yet widely neglected, facet of Jewish – non-Jewish relations. To mark its publication, all those interested are invited to a short seminar and discussion on the history and conceptualization of philosemitism, chaired by Andrea Schatz (Theology and Religious Studies, KCL), with opening comments from three of the contributors to the volume: Lars Fischer (Centre for the Study of Jewish-Christian Relations, Cambridge); Adam Sutcliffe (History, KCL), and Nadia Valman (English, QMUL).

The seminar, at 5pm, will be followed by a book launch reception, with wine, at about 6pm. All are welcome to either or both parts of the proceedings.


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