Statement on Rocket Attacks from Gaza

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April 1, 2011 by happyhenry

We have been asked to set out IJV’s position on the recent spate of rocket attacks aimed at Israel from Gaza and are pleased to do so. The IJV SG has issued the following statement.

In accordance with the statement of principles expressed in our Declaration upholding universal human rights and international law, we unreservedly condemn the rocket and mortar attacks on the south of Israel as well as the recent fatal bombing in Jerusalem and the murder of members of a young Israeli family. There can never be any justification for the deliberate or indiscriminate killing of civilians.

We similarly abhor the killing of Palestinian civilians, including children and the elderly, as a result of Israeli airstrikes on Gaza and we are deeply concerned that the mutual retaliatory violence in recent weeks may spiral out of control.

It is to be regretted that during the many months preceding the recent violent incidents, there had been no signs that the Israeli government was serious about furthering a process of peace with the Palestinians. On the contrary, settlement expansion in the minuscule space designated for the putative Palestinian state has continued apace. Unless an end can be found quickly to the Occupation, now in its 44th year, we fear a further escalation of violence on both sides that may result in suffering on a catastrophic scale. The Steering Group of Independent Jewish Voices


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