Stand with the majority and end fifty years of occupation! Please sign this ad by @IJVweb, @_JFJFP, @JewishSocialist


January 23, 2017 by IJV

Independent Jewish Voices in collaboration with Jews for Justice for Palestinians and Jewish Socialists’ Group are placing the following statement as an advert in the Jewish Chronicle next week. We urgently need your signatures and your financial support. £15 would be ideal, but whatever you can afford would be much appreciated. Please note that signing up is not contingent on paying, so if money is not possible, we still very much encourage your signatures.

The advert will appear on February 3rd and we need to have your signature at the very latest by 6pm, January 30th. The money can come later but we need the signatures ASAP. To add your name to the advertisement, and for details on how to help cover the cost of the ad, please email


Stand with the majority and end fifty years of occupation!

We are Jews in Britain who support UN Security Council Resolution 2334. This confirms that the establishment of settlements “has no legal validity and constitutes a flagrant violation under international law”. The resolution demands that “Israel immediately and completely cease all settlement activities in the occupied Palestinian territory”.
    As President Trump takes over at the White House, it becomes ever more important for Jews around the world to stand up publicly on the side of international law, common sense and justice and to welcome this UN Resolution. We know that the great majority of American Jews supported former President Obama. His refusal to veto Resolution 2334 ensured that it would pass, with the unanimous supporting vote of the other fourteen Security Council members, including Britain. And we know that the great majority of American Jews oppose Donald Trump for his racism, sexism, promotion of hatred towards Muslims, and association with white supremacists and blatant antisemites. They will also be alarmed that Trump has appointed David Friedman, a strong supporter of the settlement movement, as the next US ambassador to Israel.
    Here in Britain we also know – from meticulous City University research, overseen by eminent Jewish academics – that the great majority of British Jews are opposed to the settlement project. When leaders of the Board of Deputies declared their opposition to Resolution 2334, they did not speak in our name.
    Fifty years of Occupation represents a tragic failure: Israel’s denial of human and civil rights to millions of people; thousands of lives lost, most though not all Palestinian; many hundreds of thousands more, in both Palestinian and Israeli Jewish communities, traumatised by war, hatred and loss of hope.  We ask our fellow Jews in Britain to make our majority voice heard. We must welcome the opening of a door towards a better future for all Israelis and Palestinians by declaring:
No to continuing Occupation…….. No to settlements……… No to settlement expansion…….. No to buying settlement products……… Yes to a just peace.

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