IJV Statement in the New Statesman


December 7, 2012 by IJV

IJV was established in February 2007 to promote the expression of alternative Jewish voices in respect of the deteriorating situation in the Middle East, based on a commitment to social justice and universal human rights. We came together in the belief that our views were not reflected by Jewish communal organisations, which, while claiming to represent the Jewish community as a whole, consistently put support for the policies of an occupying power above the human rights of an occupied people. The reaction of these organisations to the latest crisis in Gaza, re-iterating Israel’s self-representation as sole victim of the conflict, fully vindicates our position and demonstrates it to be more necessary than ever.

We condemn attacks on civilians from any quarter as war crimes. We recognise the real fears and distress suffered by the residents of southern Israel but we deny that they justified the immensely greater toll of death and destruction meted out to the citizens of Gaza. The escalation of violence, based, as it is, on the fantasy that a military solution to the conflict is possible, cannot bring security to either side. It merely serves to deepen hatreds, encourage further cycles of violence and delay a just and peaceful resolution.

We reject the collective punishment of the population of Gaza, the continuing occupation and the expansion of the settlements in violation of international law. We call for a total and permanent cessation of violence, an end to the blockade of Gaza and an end to occupation. We urge the Israeli government and the Palestinian Authority, with international support and without preconditions, to embark on serious efforts to address the fundamental causes of the conflict and work towards a negotiated solution which recognises the legitimate aspirations and human rights of both Palestinians and Israelis. We invite those Jews in the UK who share our views to join us.

Full list of signatories to this statement:

Martha Jean Baker
Julia Bard
Phil Barnett
Dr David Bartram
Emer. Prof Robert Benewick
Paul Berczeller
Richard Berengarten FEA
Sir Geoffrey Bindman
Jo Bird
Cllr Jonathan Bloch
Emer. Prof LB Brent
Prof Sarah Broadie
Judy Brown
Raymond Brown
Prof Brian Butterworth
Caroline Caplan
Prof Lionel Caplan
Prof Jane Caplan
Dr Lillian Clark
Emma Clyne
Mike Cohen
Norma Cohen
Sylvia Cohen
Roy Collins
Lady Ellen Dahrendorf
Dr Renée Danziger
Merav Devere
Emer. Prof Elizabeth Dore
Aaron Dover
Moris Farhi MBE
Gene Feder
David Feldman
Sylvia Finzi
Frank Fisher
Martin Golding
Oren Gruenbaum
Abe Hayeem
Rosamine Hayeem
Jane Henriques
Dr Anthony Isaacs
Dr Susan Jacobs
Mary Jacobus
Riva Joffe
Gabriel Josipovici
Ann Jungman
Prof Cora Kaplan
Ellie Kavner
Dr Paul Kelemen
Godfrey King
Louise King
Prof Francesca Klug OBE
Richard Kuper
Emer. Prof Frank Land
Howard Leader
Antony Lerman
Dr Marsha Levine
Paul Blain Levy
Sonja Linden
Susan Loppert
Simon Lynn
Deborah Maccoby
Dr Ruth Mandel
Jenny Manson
Mike Marqusee
Hilda Meers
Orna Meir-Stacey
Ed Mendelsohn
Phyll Mendelsohn
Ruth Moulton
Maurice Naftalin
Mica Nava
Orna Neuman
Dr Ephraim Nimni
Cynthia Oakes
Mike Oldfield
Carey Oppenheim
Dr Kathy Panama
Deborah Philips
Merav Pinchassoff
Prof Benny Pollack
Adam Pozner
Alison Prager
Dr Claudia Prestel
Ros Raizada
Jerome Ravetz
Stephen Reicher
Dr Brian Robinson
Prof Jacqueline Rose FBA
Prof Sonya Rose
David Rosenberg
Mike Rosenbloom
Lewis Rudd MBE
Dr Lisa Saffron
Dr Esther Saraga
Prof Donald Sassoon
Dr Susan Schonfield
Prof Judy Sebba
Prof Lynne Segal
Peter Senker
Julia Shapiro
Rebecca Sharkey
Dr Elaine Sharland
Dr Eric Shaw
Prof John Sidel
Nick Sigler
Irene Silberstein
Dr Jonathan Sklar
Hazel Slavin
Godfrey Stadlen
Ruth Steele
Tamar Steinitz
Jon Stern
Henry Stewart
Anthony Stoll
Dr Adam Sutcliffe
Ruth Tenne
Dr Nadia Valman
Prof Philip Wadler
Stanley Walinets
Baroness Janet Whitaker
Myra Woolfson
Miriam Yagud
Montague Young
Dr Gillian Yudkin

One thought on “IJV Statement in the New Statesman

  1. Tim Gummer says:

    Excellent. But will anybody take any notice? I don’t see the evidence that the anti Zionists have reached anywhere near critical mass, compared to the well organised Zionist lobby. However the Lords debate on Monday last was very encouraging – see
    Paricularly Lord Phillips. He was brilliant, particularly this quote
    .”I have been (ti Israel) four or five times over the past decade, and I always work with Jewish charities and marvel at how brave and brilliant they are. I would mention Ir Amin, B’Tselem, Machsom Watch and a number of others. Machsom Watch is comprised of 500 middle-class Jewish women who go out on rota every day to stand at the checkpoints and observe the conduct towards the humiliated and harassed Palestinians, and at night they put what they have seen on the web. What a restraint that is. A woman who took me to a checkpoint said that she was called in by one of the commanding officers. He said, “We are both Jews and we should not be arguing about this”, but then she noticed on the wall behind his head a sign that read, “Our task is to make life as impossible for the Palestinians as we can”. That about says it all.”

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