End the Siege on Gaza

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June 5, 2010 by happyhenry

The IJV Steering Group condemns the attack on the Free  Gaza flotilla and resulting loss of life, a breach of international  law. The citizens of Gaza are effectively imprisoned and their human rights  denied. We call upon the Israeli Government to lift the blockade of Gaza to allow both humanitarian aid and assistance for reconstruction. This is also the only guarantee of security for Israel’s citizens.

We note the International Crisis Group’s characterisation of the attack as the deadly symptom of a failed and dangerous policy on the part of many in the international community, including Britain, the EU and the USA, who have been complicit in isolating Gaza. This has encouraged Israel to believe it can act with impunity.

We call upon the new British Government to distance itself from the uncritical attitude shown by its predecessor towards Israel. We express our wholehearted support  for the statements produced by Israeli peace and human rights groups. Finally, we call upon the international  community to take serious and effective action to bring about an end to the  occupation and a lasting solution to the conflict


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