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There are a wide range of groups in Israel, the West Bank and Gaza. While we believe the agendas of those listed below are oriented principally towards peace and human rights, IJV cannot vouch for the credentials of each and every group or take any responsibility for their activities or pronouncements.

Where the groups are joint Israeli/Palestinian, they are listed under both headings (but not necessarily under the same name).

We aspire to keep the list up to date, therefore we will be happy to update the list with new relevant organisations as they emerge. If you have any new details that you would like us to add, or any comments or suggestions, please send us an email at

Groups in Israel

93.6 Ram FM – peace-oriented radio broadcasting from Jerusalem and Ramallah
+972 Magazine -Independent Reporting and Commentary from Israel & Palestine
Abraham Fund Initiatives
Adalah – The Legal Center for Arab Minority Rights in Israel
Akoda – promoting a culture of peace in Israel & the Middle East
Alternative Information Centre
Anarchists Against the Wall
Arab-Jewish Ensemble of the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra

Arab-Jewish Centre for Equality, Empowerment and Cooperation
Arava Peace & Environmental Network
Association of Arab University Students
Association for Civil Rights in Israel (ACRI)
Association of Forty for Recognition of Arab Villages
Bat Shalom – Women for Peace
Baladna: Association for Arab Youth
Beyond Words: Empowering women and building peace
Bimkom – Planners for Planning Rights (human rights & spatial planning)
Bitterlemons – Palestinian-Israeli online journal
Black Laundry
Blue Rising Coalition – for a Permanent Status Peace
Breaking the Silence
Bridges – Israeli-Palestinian Public Health Magazine (sponsored by WHO)
B’Tselem – Israel Information Centre for Human Rights in the occupied territories
Bustan L’Shalom – social justice & environment
(The) Campus Is Not Silent
Centre for Creativity in Education & Cultural Heritage
Center for Jewish-Arab Economic Development
Centre for the Struggle against Racism
Chefs for Peace
Children of Abraham
Citizens’ Accord Forum
Clinical Legal Education Center for Human Rights & Social Responsibility
Coalition of Women for Peace
Combat Seruv – Israeli officers & soldiers refusing to serve in the occupied territories
Combatants for Peace – former Israeli & Palestinian combatants
Conscientious Objectors’ Support Forum
Council for Peace & Security
Creativity for Peace
Crossing borders – Israeli-Palestinian-Jordanian Youth Magazine
Culture of Peace Educational Program
(The) Democratic Choice
Disabled Veterans
Druse Initiative Committee
Du-Et – Israeli newspaper written & produced jointly by Jewish and Arab journalists
Du Siach
Economic Cooperation Foundation – for an Israeli-Palestinian peace agreement
Emda Circle
Encounter – EMEM
Eshed – citizenship, peace, democracy
Faculty for Israeli-Palestinian Peace (FFIPP)
Fighters Meet Fighters
Forum for National Consensus
(The) Fifth Mother
Geneva accord (Beilin-Abed Rabbo initiative)
Gisha – Center for the legal protection of freedom of movement
Givat Haviva
– Jewish-Arab Centre for Peace
Green Action
(The) Green Line – Students for a Border
Gush Shalom
HaCampus Lo Shotek -The Campus Is Not Silent
HaKav HaYarok
HaMifkad HaLeumi – Voice of the People (Nusseibeh/Ayalon peace initiative)
HaMoked – Center for the Defence of the Individual.
Hand in Hand project – Center for Jewish-Arab Education in Israel
(The) High Follow-Up Committee for the Arab citizens in Israel
Hotline for Migrant Workers
HRA – The Arab Association for Human Rights
IFLAC – Peace through Culture
I’lam: Media Center for Arab Palestinians in Israel
Indymedia – Independent Media Group
Interfaith Encounter Association
ICCI -Interreligious Coordinating Council Israel
IPCRI – Israel-Palestine Centre for Research & Information
Ir Amim – City of Nations or Peoples (Jerusalem)
Ir Shalem
Islam-Israel Fellowship
ICAHD -Israeli Committee Against House Demolitions
Israeli Committee for the Right of Residency
Israeli, Palestinian and International Coalition to End the Occupation
Israeli-Palestinian Coalition for Peace
Israeli-Palestinian Peoples’ Peace Campaign (IPPPC)
Israeli Section of Amnesty International
Jerusalem Jewish-Arab Circus
Jewish-Arab Community Association, Acre
Kav L’Oved – Workers’ Hotline
Kav Yarok – Students for Immediate Withdrawal
Keshev – The Center for the Protection of Democracy in Israel
Kol Aher BaGalil – A different voice in Galilee
Kvisa Sh’hora – Lesbians and Gay Men Against the Occupation
Left Forum
Lobby for Mixed Cities
Manara – advancing the status of Arab women in Israel
Mas’ha Group
Merchavim – Institute for the Advancement of Shared Citizenship in Israel
MachsomWatch – women monitoring soldiers’ conduct at checkpoints
Masha Peace Camp
Mateh Ha’Rov – Coalition of the Majority
MEET – Middle East Education through Technology
Mideast Web
Monitoring Committee of the Arab Population of Israel
Mossawa Center – Advocacy Center for Arab Citizens of Israel
Negev Coexistence Forum for Civil Equality
Negev Shalom
Nemashim – theatre to develop understanding among Israeli Jewish and Arab students
Network of Organizations for Jewish-Arab Coexistence in Israel
Neve Shalom/Wahat al-Salaam – integrated Jewish-Arab village near Latrun
New Israel Fund
New Profile
Olive Harvest Coalition
One Struggle
One to One – fosters peace & co-operation between Arabs & Jews in Israel
One Voice
Open House, Ramle – meeting place for Jewish & Arab youth
Open Tent
Ossim Shalom – Social Workers for Peace
Oz VeShalom/Netivot Shalom – orthodox Jewish movement for peace
Palestine-Israel Journal
Parents Circle – Bereaved Families Forum
Peace Alliance
Peace Child Israel
Peacemaker Community – Israel
Peres Centre for Peace
Physicians for Human Rights, Israel
Public Committee Against Torture in Israel
Rabbis for Human Rights

Rave Against The Occupation
Re’ut/Sadaka – Jewish-Arab Youth Movement for Peace & Equality
(The) Seventh Day
Shalom Achshav – Peace Now
Shministim: High school seniors refusing to serve in occupied territories
Shovrim Shtika – Breaking the Silence (The Combatants Story)
Shuvi – Come Home (women urging withdrawal from Gaza Strip)
Sikkuy – Opportunity (Association for the Advancement of Civic Equality in Israel)
Sons of Abraham
Sulha Peace Project / Young Sulhita
(The) Supreme Followup Committee
Ta Adam
Tajamu Youth
Take-Their-Guns Coalition
TANDI – Movement of Democratic Women in Israel
Ta’ayush – Arab-Jewish Partnership
Together Forum (32 groups)
Union of Arab Associations
University Student Coalition
Valley for Peace Initiative
Vision of Peace with Justice in Israel/Palestine
War widows
West-Eastern Divan Orchestra (conducted by Daniel Barenboim)
WILPF, Israel – Women’s International League for Peace & Friendship
Windows for Peace – Palestinian-Israeli Friendship Centre
Wives of Reserve Soldiers
Women Against The Wall
Women & Mothers for Peace (formerly Four Mothers)
Women in Black
Women’s Interfaith Encounter
X-Fighters – former Israeli & Palestinian combatants educating youth on costs of violence
Yesh Din– There is Law (promotes human rights in the West Bank & Gaza Strip)
Yesh Gvul – There is a limit / border
(The) Young Israeli Forum for Cooperation
Zochrot – Remembering (Israeli citizens raising awareness of the Palestinian Nakba)

Groups in West Bank / Gaza Strip

93.6 Ram FM -peace-oriented radio broadcasting from Jerusalem and Ramallah
Bethlehem Peace Center
Bitterlemons – Palestinian-Israeli online journal
Bridges – Israeli-Palestinian Public Health Magazine (sponsored by WHO)
Bridge for Peace – Israeli/Palestinian/Jordanian Disk Jockeys
Center for Conflict Resolution & Reconciliation (CCRR)
Civic Forum Institute
Crossing borders – Israeli-Palestinian-Jordanian Youth Magazine
DWRC -Democracy & Workers Rights Center
Ensan Center for Democracy & Human Rights
FFIPP -Faculty for Israeli-Palestinian Peace
Forum for Dialogue & Peace
Geneva accord (Beilin-Abed Rabbo initiative)
Holy Land Trust
Community Development & Economic Programs (including peace and reconciliation)
IPCC – International Peace & Cooperation Center
IPCRI – Israel-Palestine Centre for Research & Information
Israeli, Palestinian and International Coalition to End the Occupation
Israeli-Palestinian Coalition for Peace
Israeli-Palestinian Peoples’ Peace Campaign (IPPPC)
Library on Wheels for Non-violence & Peace
Medical Working Committees
MEND: Middle-East Non-violence & Democracy
Muwatin – Palestinian Institute for the Study of Democracy
One Voice
Palestine-Israel Journal
Palestinian Body for Dialogue, Peace and Equality (HASM)
Palestinian Center for Dialogue
Palestinian Center for Peace & Democracy (PCPD)
Palestinian Center for Rapprochement between People
Palestinian Conflict Resolution Center (WIAM)
Palestinian Council for Justice & Peace (PCJP)
Palestinian Human Rights Monitoring Group (PHRMG)
Palestinian-Israeli NGO Forum
Palestinian initiative for the promotion of global dialogue & democracy (MIFTAH)
Palestinian Peace Club
Palestinian Peace Coalition (PPC)
Palestinian Section of Amnesty International
Palestinian Society for Democracy and Community Development (SDCD)
Palestinian Vision (Ru’ya Falastiniya)
Panorama – Palestinian Center for the Dissemination of Democracy & Community Development
Parents Circle – Bereaved Families Forum
PCDCR – Palestinian Center for Democracy & Conflict Resolution
Peace Research Institute in the Middle East (PRIME)Ru’ya – Palestinian Vision
Seeds of Peace – Regional Program
Society Voice Foundation
Sumud (Steadfastness) Camp
TA’AWM – Palestinian Conflict Resolution Institute
Voice of the People (Nusseibeh/Ayalon Initiative)


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