IJV call to action on Trump “peace plan”

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February 10, 2020 by IJV

We are British Jews who believe that a successful resolution of the Israel/Palestine dispute can only be achieved on the basis of equal rights for both peoples and adherence to international law. We cannot, therefore, accept the Trump plan, which presents the Palestinians  with a fait accompli, offering the distant prospect of a state with limited autonomy on truncated and fragmented territory, subject to good behaviour, while allowing Israel to annex 30% of the West Bank. The British government’s response has been at best equivocal,  initially welcoming this “serious proposal“, but subsequently warning against unilateral annexation and emphasising the need for “an agreement negotiated by the parties themselves”.

The  Palestinians have rejected the plan and are promoting a motion to be put to the Security Council on 11 February calling for it to be condemned. We urge the British government to join other European countries in supporting the Palestinian resolution at the  Security Council and, after the expected US veto, during the subsequent debate in the UN general assembly. We call upon those who agree with us to write urgently to Dominic Raab at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office.


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