Excitement in Tel Aviv Tent Protests

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August 8, 2011 by happyhenry

All my peace loving, justice seeking friends in Tel Aviv are hugely excited by the tent protests. It feels like the first time ever they say that they have seen such immense grass roots interest in politics. Even though it begins very much on home turf, there is growing interest in discussing broader issues. There is a joint Palestinian/Jewish Israeli tent in Jaffa.

The demonstratios are growing daily, and look set to continue for months. Moreover, it is the first time Jewish Israeli’s are paying homage to an Arab event, consciously aware that they are learning from the Arab Spring.
‘Tomorrow Cairo’, is a regular call in Tel Aviv. My contacts in Psycho-active have their own tent, which they are thinking of moving to Jaffa to be nearer the joint Jewish/Palestinian tent. I enclose a statement from Psycho-active (a network of Israeli/Palestinian clinicians attempting to work for the health of their joint communities. This is just a beginning, they are planning to do more, with regular speak outs..

Lynne Segal


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